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Bachelor of Science in Advertising.

Influential Course List

ADV 281: Advertising Research Methods

Introduces the wide spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research techniques that are commonly used in the advertising industry.

Assignments upon request: Develop a Questionnaire, Independent Samples T-Test & Correlation

ADV 283: Brand Strategy

Introduces advertising and marketing theories, practical problems and traditional cases. Learned to build a strong brand strategy in a 5 person client team, rebranding a restaurant in Champaign from start to finish.

Project upon request: Brand Blueprint Outline, Written Report, Final Pitch Deck

ADV 390: Content Creation

Situates creativity and creative practices within the social structure of organizations that develop creative content.

Assignments upon request: Creative Brief, Manifesto, Print Campaigns for Culver's

ADV 460: Innovations in Advertising

Intended to improve creative and critical thinking skill in advertising planning by understanding the core technology and perspective of digital and other innovative media in the context of integrated communication.

Project upon request: Final Group Project (CDJ Application, a Pay-per-Click Campaign Ad, and a Display Ad Campaign Plan for Instagram)

BTW 271: Business and Technical Writing

Studied principles of persuasion as applied to writing and designing though ads, direct-mail campaigns, argumentative essays, proposals, etc.

Projects upon request: Situation Analysis, Pivoted Situation Analysis, Just Bee Acai Proposal & Pivoted Marketing Story

ART 223: Experimental Fashion Art--Studio

Introduced to basic strategies for bringing two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional form through draping, pattern making, and machine and hand sewing techniques.

Projects under Experimental Fashion Tab.

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